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Fantasy Family Football

Today marked the first Sunday of NFL football for the year.  For many, the NFL season marks the start of fantasy football too and our family is no different.  For the past 3 years, our family has had our own fantasy football league.  For some of us, we have been playing this for years and for some, they only started when we started this league.

We don’t play for money. We don’t have in depth rosters or scoring systems.  We all make the playoffs each year because we don’t want anyone to feel left out.  You would think that our family would lose interest in the league but the opposite is true.  We all get excited about the season and picking the perfect team.  We have a coveted traveling trophy that stays with the winner from the end of one season until someone defeats last year’s champion the next year.

Last night was our online draft.  We had Kori, myself and Number 4 at home drafting and everyone else was back at their homes, apartments and cabins.  Even though we weren’t all together it kind of felt that way with all of us together online.  The draft went quite quickly and all of us were having a good time, including Kori who found the group chat at the bottom of the page and decided she would trash talk Number 3.  It became quite evident that Kori had no idea how to trash talk as I read her rather light hearted jokes rather than hard hitting slams that I am used to reading in draft room chats.  Her comments cracked me up and as I was laughing hysterically, it made me think how happy I am to have this league.

Having this common interest with your family is just another way to connect with each other on a weekly basis.  For some of our family we don’t see them that often so this league and our weekly matchups bring us closer even if it is just online.  For me this league isn’t really about fantasy football.  This league is really about family.  Its about doing something together that we wouldn’t be able to do because of the distance between all of us.

As our family continues to grow and move on to bigger and better things, Kori and I will keep looking for ways to keep us all connected.  Whether it is fantasy football, our family group text message, video chats, or who knows what technology will be developed next to decrease the miles between all of us, we will always want to connect to our family and will do what it takes to stay close.

Whether your kids have already left the house, getting ready to spread their wings or are just in diapers, always look for ways to connect with your family.  Family is the one constant that hopefully won’t change. Don’t take it for granted and try to always cultivate it.  If that means you have to kick your son’s butt in fantasy football, well don’t ever miss that opportunity!

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