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Photos:  The Window to the Past

If you have been following us these past few weeks, you know that we are just finishing 2 graduations the past two weekends. It is hard to admit that we have a college graduate and only one more child in high school. Guess it is time to admit that my wife and I are getting older. As we have prepared for our kids graduations, we found ourselves reflecting and going through all our old photos and reminiscing about our younger years. When Number 1 was born, I was there with the big bulky video recorder and the camera that actually used film. We have progressed over the years from film to the small handheld digital camera and now we own our second DLS camera. Over the years I have tried to capture every possible moment of significance from first communions to final high school soccer state total game. It was never a hassle for me to have a camera with me and I got great satisfaction of catching one my my kids doing their thing. Before leaving for a day of activity or packing for a trip, the first thing to make its way into the van was my big, bulky camera bag with all it’s different lenses and batteries. It was not the lightest backpack to carry but to me in was one of the most valuable things in my car. Today we have to pay for extra storage on our family iCloud to hold all our 53,000 plus photos but we wouldn’t have it any other way. What would you grab from your house if it was on fire and could only grab one thing if significance? For us we would my computer because of our photo library stored on it. Our photos hold all that is dear to us, our family! Looking at photos take us back to that moment in time like we are there in that moment. If not for photos, we would be left to our memories to reminisce and I can tell you my memory isn’t good! My advice to new families, to old family, to any family; take pictures and take lots of them. Once the moment is gone it is gone forever and photos are the best way to remember when your own memory fails you. If you don’t like the photos delete them or throw them out. But if you like them, treasure them and when your kids are grown, take yourself and them back to those special moments in your family’s life! You will never regret taking photos.

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