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'Twas the night before Black Friday

May you and your families find much to be grateful for this holiday season, whether the children are young or young at heart This was written on Thursday night with much joy and reminiscing of past holidays and Black Friday celebrations. Here are to new memories to come.

‘Twas the night before Black Friday, when all through the house, Turkey coma took over, the kids and dogs and even my spouse.

The ads we combed through, with great, awesome care, In search for the 2019 bargains that would be found there.

The children were resting, enjoying a trip to the homestead. Visions of laughter and good times, danced in each head.

Husband’s buffet jeans, my leggings and no hair-do cap.

We chilled and tried to decide if we create an evening map.

A movie, a game, a “what should we” discussion rose a clatter,

We had just put away the Happy Thanksgiving meal platter.

The evening brought back memories, and just like a flash, I was in yesteryear, and the youngest still had diaper rash.

At that time the kids got excited, when it began to snow. Holiday commercials and toys made their eyes all aglow.

To our joy, we wrote their wish lists and more items did appear, When we saw those items in the ads, we grinned from ear-to-ear .

The kids went to bed, and with grandparents there we left in a quick. I did not even have time to put on my evening lipstick.

Into the Black Friday crowds my husband and I entered the game. We pushed through crowds to get our babies’ items by name.

To the back of the parking lot, and the front of the store wall, We did not give up ‘til we had checked the items one and all.

It was fun, such a thrill and a natural high, My husband had no issue fighting a fellow shopper for the buy.

I had the get-a-way car, the Black Friday plan and off we flew, 2am, 5am 7am we finally returned home too.

And then in a twinkling, it sounded like thunder on the roof. Just as we fell asleep, the kids came in to wake us – poof!

Their little eyes gleaned as we turned around, Their high energy and excitement abound.

My husband, half dressed in his shopping gear from head to foot, Me with late night, day-two mascara that looked like soot.

The kids spoke of Santa, and what would be in his pack.

They knew he would carry their joys on his back.

We, as Santa’s parent helpers, were so tire and weary, But the joy on their faces made us so warm and merry.

Today, the kids are older, and some of the fantasy has changed. Some of our holiday routines have been rearranged.

Sure, stockings are still hung and Frosty has coal teeth, Our youngest, even as a teen, still helps us hang the wreath.

They still like their favorite foods, and enjoy fillin' the belly. The kids belch, and fart, and are even really smelly.

They lounge on the couch and take a quick nap. They may even have a dog or two on their lap.

The Christmas lists have changed, new things instead...

A Vacuum for the oldest child… a new apartment gift thread.

After Thanksgiving dinner my husband went straight to work, He looked at the ads for things that are now quite berserk!

Like Santa he laid a finger upon his nose and gave a nod. He really likes to think he is actually pretty mod.

He called up his sleigh, ready to head out… Patiently waiting for one of the kids to given him a shout.

But I heard him exclaim, before he left out of sight , Maybe this year I can sleep, and enjoy a restful night.

Kori Reed her husband Mike Becker are the author's of ZagZig Parenting: (mis) adventures of a working mom and stay-at-home dad.

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