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I Love Drama

On Tuesday night, Number 2 came home! It has been nine months since she was last home, but I say it has been a year because she was only home for 2 days in April, so that didn’t really count. Now, we have the whole family together, under one roof. This “reunion” made me rethink something that I had been feeling for a while. Much to my wife’s disappointment, I had been saying for some time that with our girls gone that there is no drama in our house. When we all gathered in the kitchen this week, it turns out I miss the drama and everyone and everything that comes along with it!

As the girls are forging their own paths, for about 2 years now it has just been Kori and Number 3, Number 4 and me. While I love all my kids, that arrangement has been just fine for me. At one time, the universe was once balanced with three females and three males; then two young women flew the coup. My wife is outnumbers and us guys enjoy out time together. I think I already have written about leaving the toilet seat up, having burping contests at the dinner table, and consuming wings and pizza at our will.

Ah, while my wife says I have not been fair say this, life without the young ladies I love always, there have been no slamming of doors, less mother-daughter “discussions” or clashes and not as much dietary restrictions on our meat intake. Life was good or so I thought.

My frosty heart (per my wife) started to melt when Number 1 came home and I got that first hug from her. It was one of those strong hugs that you don’t want to end. It was one that said I missed you dad without having to use words. All those dad/daughter bonds and relationship memories came back to me in an instant. I had missed this and had done what I could to bury it so I wouldn’t miss her.

Yet, I still held to my belief that life is better in a predominately male home.

Number 1 and I went to the airport to pick up Number 2. I thought since it had been so long since I had seen her that it might be awkward or that we wouldn’t know how to start up a conversation. I thought I would be asking questions that she didn’t want to answer. Thankfully, I couldn’t have been more wrong. The two girls and I hit it off and took up right where we left off over a year ago! It didn’t feel awkward or forced. We just talked like a dad that had stayed home with his girls since Number 1 was 16 months old.

As I counted my blessings with a silent prayer while Number 2 told a story about staying with a family in Russia, I realized I had been wrong all this time. All the drama that goes along with my girls is part of my DNA and when they are gone my life isn’t quite complete.

What sealed the deal for me is when we got home and Numbers 1-4 sat in the kitchen talking with each other and laughing about everything. My wife then said this is what it is all about and the universe felt right to have the family of six, including her four cubs, back home again.

At that moment I spontaneously said, “Okay, family, time for a big group hug!” No one fought it and not one of them looked for a way out. We just huddled together and Number 2 wriggled in the middle. It was the biggest of family hugs and it is one of those memories I will never forget. As far as I am concerned, the drama can stay and so can all of our kids!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all!

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